Best Practices

Best Practice is the cornerstone of continuous improvement in business practices across our company.

Best Practice is the continual sharing of gems of wisdom between colleagues in similar businesses throughout our industry. It is a simple yet powerful process where ideas and experiences are shared about every aspect of our business, down to the smallest detail. By implementing Best Practice we can achieve world-class standards and excel in increasingly competitive markets and challenging commercial climates.

CDCI has accelerated the Best Practice program across all divisions with great success and increasingly tangible results. The benefits are huge: not just immediate cost savings, but also stimulating innovation in new ideas, processes, technological advances, and procedures.

The sharing of Best Practice creates a competitive edge. It fosters an environment where people contribute innovative ideas for growth and improvement. Those who participate in the program gain personal fulfillment while helping CDCI surpass production, efficiency, and safety goals.



Charles DeWeese Construction, Inc. exceeds OSHA standards in the industry, and we maintain it through oversight and comprehensive training. Our diligence ensures a positive safety attitude throughout our workforce.

In our business, safety and health cannot simply be words on paper or activities merely driven by regulations. The safety, health, and well-being of our employees, our customers, and all those who come in contact with our work is the first consideration. It remains a primary cornerstone of the overall business strategy and expectations throughout the company.

Constant support and leadership by our management team, along with the dedication and desire of all employees to eliminate injuries and accidents, have made safety and health a shared value throughout the entire organization.

We have established a record of safety and health which exceeds the industry standard. We are now exploring opportunities to mitigate or eliminate many hazards that are inherent in our business, ultimately leading to improved safety performance and elimination of employee injuries and accidents.

This quest includes implementing behavior-based safety initiatives at many of our companies, seeking to align capability, environment, and performance in order to create the perfect atmosphere for eliminating injuries and accidents. The primary drivers of this process are (1) management direction, commitment, and leadership and (2) employee involvement. We believe this model will enhance safety performance not only at individual workplaces but also across the entire organization.

Our most cherished assets are our employees. There is nothing more important than ensuring their safety and health each and every working day. By providing the training, tools, and confidence they need, we will continue to be successful.


Charles DeWeese Construction, Inc. is committed to helping sustain the ecology of our regions for future generations. Our policy is to implement the best possible environmental health, safety, and conservation practices at each of our locations.

We invest thoughtfully, financially, and ethically in the communities in which we live and work. Our environmental plans are developed in ways compatible with our neighbors' needs and the local environment.



Charles DeWeese Construction, Inc. has active participants in our industry's trade associations, and individual employees take leadership positions to improve our business and our industry.

These associations benefit the industry through legislative and regulatory advocacy, education and safety programs, employee training, product research, environmental stewardship, and information related to our markets, and our operations.

Industry associations help provide our company, and our employees with the tools, information, advocacy, and technology necessary to improve our processes and our markets and make us a stronger, more efficient producer of quality construction projects.

We currently perform or are licensed to perform work in: KY, AL, TN, GA, SC, AR, IN, VA, WV, PA, MT, ND.


Community Relations

Charles DeWeese Construction, Inc. are good corporate citizens. We are committed to the communities where we live and work.

Our company maintains a cooperative balance between private enterprise and public interest in order to preserve healthy, safe, and livable surroundings.

Community involvement is one of the most effective ways to underscore our commitment to good citizenship. We value our relationships with neighbors and encourage suggestions on how to better our neighborhoods.

CDCI has a long history of commitment to community involvement. Our employees take pride in their personal ties to the schools, churches, hospitals, and businesses in which we work.

In serving our communities, we endeavor to provide more than stable employment. Through the job efforts and personal contributions of our employees, we also help build and maintain our neighborhoods, creating inviting places to live and work.

CDCI proudly supports many charities and local programs. We believe good corporate citizenship includes civic involvement as well. Our company and our employees participate in local civic and political activities to improve our communities.


Government Relations

Charles DeWeese Construction, Inc. is actively engaged in government relations activities at all levels of government: federal, state and local. How our government makes decisions and who make these decisions, affects our employees, our company and our industry every day.

CDCI believes it is wise and prudent to aggressively invest in our nation's transportation infrastructure. A robust, well maintained transportation infrastructure network is the backbone of our national economy. Our elected officials as all levels of government, from the President of the United States to local town council members, determined how investment in transportation infrastructure is made and how much is invested. There are often tough choices to make. Our federal, state and local governments and the people we elect to office make decisions all the time that impact our company and our industry.

CDCI supports activities in the government relations arena to assist in educating our employees about issues that affect our company and our industry. We encourage our employees to be involved in the political process, to educate our elected officials about industry issues, and to participate in the process by voting for candidates of their choice. We want our elected officials to understand our business and our nation's transportation needs. Politics and decisions made by elected officials impact our business, our jobs, and our lives every day.