Site Development

Charles DeWeese Construction, Inc. offers a wide variety of services, but our specialty is mass excavation for large projects. With a large investment in modern equipment and an experience staff, we have the resources to handle any project.


Underground Utilites

With a well-maintained fleet of heavy equipment dedicated to every project, and fully trained operators, we can provide high quality utility installation at competitive prices. We provide sanitary sewer mains, laterals, and manholes as well as the installation of storm water facilities and water lines for every purpose. We also lay gas lines including main transmission, distribution and services, and provide related services such as testing, dewatering, engineering and layout. Multiple projects have been completed for Municipal Utilities including Water, Waste Water & Pump Stations (Annual Contracts).



We are fully equipped to provide all aspects of paving services on both concrete and asphalt, including engineering and layout, sub-base preparation, base material, compaction control, and reinforcement. Some of the advantages we bring to your projects:



CDCI forms and pour slabs, curbs, sidewalks, ramps, and pads and apply architectural finishes. We perform site concrete work including forming and pouring slabs, curb and gutter, sidewalks, handicap raps, pads and retaining walls.

CDCI has completed concrete work on commercial sites, residential developments, and for various cities and municipalities. Our experienced personnel and equipment enables us to complete various projects at the same time.

We can standard broom or smooth finish as well as something more aesthetically pleasing such as brick or rock stamped architectural finishing.



Charles DeWeese Construction, Inc. has the resources, financial stability, and commitment to ensure a successful project with complete client satisfaction. Our great relationships with our equipment dealers keep us informed on the latest innovations available to perform efficiently. We invest in the most durable, reliable, and cost effective operation equipment available. Our impressive inventory of owned equipment is kept on a vigorous maintenance schedule to eliminate projects delays.

GPS - Performing earthworks smarter, faster, and more profitably is critical to success in today's highly competitive construction industry. We are able to perform all parts of the job faster and more accurately than ever before. From estimating to completion, we are significantly improving the total construction process and improving productivity and accuracy. Using a complete line of sonic-based Grade Control Systems we can complete a wide range of applications and jobsite requirements with faster job cycles, reduced rework, and lower operating costs. All of which ensure our clients the best value for their investment.



CDCI Materials Division encompasses the Asphalt Plant , Aggregate Quarry, and a fully equipped Quality Control Lab. Our state of the art Double Barrel Asphalt Mixer can handle any output your schedule demands and is fully calibrated and approved for production for KYTC and TDOT applications. Our Aggregate Quarry is equipped with the latest technology in crushing and fractionating equipment. Our quarry is a fully approved supplier for aggregates for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Tennessee Department of Transportation as well as an approved supplier of agricultural lime for your turf management needs . Our quality control lab has been approved by KYTC and TDOT for superpave and marshall mix designs, and is equipped with all necessary equipment, and a fully trained and certified staff capable of assuring a quality product is delivered time after time.



Charles Deweese Construction Inc, Quarry Division, is ready to provide all your aggregate needs. With our new crushing plant and pug mill equipment, gradations are available to meet all KYTC and TDOT specifications, or any custom gradation your project may require.

Our equipment is capable of producing 400 tons per hour of graded limestone aggregate, and our stockpiles of aggregate are ready for dispatch on demand. Charles Deweese Construction aggregates are tested in our quality control lab facility, and are approved for use by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Charles Deweese Construction Inc, Quarry Division, also produces agricultural lime meeting all Kentucky and Tennessee requirements for you agricultural needs.